Guidance Councillor

The Toronto Blizzard & BDA (Blizzard Development Academy) are proud to welcome aboard, Mr. James Fraser (BSW B.Ed ) as our Lead Scholarship Guidance Counselor. Mr. Fraser brings "22 " years of experience in the educational field at the high school level & is a certified & qualified guidance counselor.

As Blizzard "School Scholarship Counselor " Mr. Fraser will work to provide academic, career, college access/affordability/admission, and social-emotional competencies to all students through a scholarship counseling program.  The educational "added value" program will monitor all BDA student - Athletes on their progress to ensure that they have all the correct courses not only to get into University but have chosen courses that will enable them to achieve their educational goals.

Players will have to hand in their report cards & grades twice a year to ensure that they are maintaining a minimum 3.0 but preferably above a 3.5 to ensure acceptance into University-College.

  • James Fraser (Guidance Counsellor)

  • Will follow up every three months with individuals on a one to one bases if need on the following:

  • Personal development,

  • Interpersonal development

  • Career development/Supporting planning and academics (e.g. All About Me, IPPs, course selection with students, school applications).

  • Facilitating experiential learning opportunities (e.g. co-ops, internships,
    Dual Credits) (for secondary schools only).

The "Counseling Program" will tie in with the SAT-ACT courses and Prep courses to ensure that all student-athletes meet the standards for acceptance into University-College.

Why Choose Us?

Together we have over 40 years of teaching experience in our chosen fields and working with students of all levels.  We have made it a point to provide an excellent, affordable service for student-athletes who are pursuing a US athletic scholarship. Joe Corapi, our Math Instructor, has experienced the NCAA firsthand as a student-athlete soccer player at Penn State University, and later as a  youth club coach for many years in the GTA and Mississauga area, with many scholarship athletes under his care. Paul Burghardt, our English Instructor, provides additional real life experience as the father of a current golf scholarship athlete. The combination of our experiences as an athlete, as a  coach and as a parent of an NCAA scholarship athlete allows us to share our academic knowledge with student athletes, and also understand what these athletes and their parents are experiencing as they work toward an NCAA scholarship and prepare for the SAT Test and/or ACT Test. 

Why Do You Need SAT Training?

The better you perform on the SAT, the more options you have as a student-athlete and as a family.  In reality, only a small percentage of NCAA athletes receive a "full ride" scholarship. In most sports, athletes will receive partial scholarships, which on average will amount to less  than $11,000.*  If you perform well on the SAT, your chances of obtaining an academic scholarship to complement your partial athletic  scholarship are greatly enhanced, as the school can now offer you financial aid for both athletics and academics.  The SAT is a difficult test, and is set in a format unfamiliar to  most Canadian students.  It requires extensive preparation.  We are experts in English and Math, and can provide dedicated, effective instruction geared toward a successful result.  We also stress to student-athletes that being a stronger academic student-athlete also makes you more appealing when coaches are in the recruiting process. We like to say that academics helps make you the "Complete student-athlete" which coaches want to recruit. 

*source NY Time article published 2008