COVID-19 Updates

The Toronto Blizzard not only follow the Government outlines, & procedures but our process enhances what is required by the following procedure when arriving ;

  • Sanitize hands (per guidelines)
  • Test Frontal temperature using “Infrared non-contact frontal thermometer”
  • Using Finger tip Pulse oximeter to test (oxygen saturation levels or oxygen levels in your blood). Shows you how efficiently oxygen is being carried to the extremities furthest from the heart, including the legs and the arms. (Factors such as movement, temperature, or nail polish can impact the accuracy.
  • Heart rate measurement

We sanitize and test everyone, including staff, players and parents. Players may also be tested during training, to make sure that they are still within the ranges of normal readings.

This, we believe is BETTER than a “self assessment” and we have readings to back it up and see actual fluctuations, should they occur.

If a player does not pass all the tests and levels, within the prescribed normal ranges, they cannot train. Some of the instruments actually have a “red light” for unsafe levels or a “beep” to assist the individual testing.

Hydration (we prefer Gatorade), is also a key during these times as players have not only trained minimal but are not used to training in these extreme heat conditions. Electrolyte replenishment is key, as water will go thru the body quickly. Water is preferred before and after, and a Gatorade drink is preferred in training, which moves slower thru the body.

A players’ first mentality.