Loyalty Card Membership is valid for a period of 12 months, October 1 - September 30 and is renewable every Oct 1 of each year. Your card will be mailed to you.

What is it all about ?

“Affiliation Program” was created for Youth Clubs and Academies to share in our vast accumulated wealth of personal contacts, information, ad know how. Our clubs also offers showcase games vs D1, D2, NAIA, NJCAA and Canadian Universities as well as ECNL Clubs and our International relationships and resources for players that may strive to play Professional Soccer in North America or in Europe.

Since the graduating class of 2016, 2017 and now 2018 we have secured over 50 plus scholarships, mainly “Full Rides” mainly to NCAA D1 schools. These success stories provide a multitude of positive benefits to Youth Clubs and Academies that do not have the vast array of personal contacts to get and secure “SCHOLARSHIPS”, especially at the NCAA Division 1 level. Utilizing the “Affiliate Program” as the conduit, players, Youth Clubs, and Academies can now enhance their success rate of achieving their player’s goal of a free “Higher Education”, while keeping their players in the summer months.


What do I get as a player?

The BDA Scholarship Program offers a multitude of benefits such as but not limited to:

  • Access to our Scholarship Program (Year-round)

  • Annual College Combine and ID Camp hosted by BDA

  • Special Coaching Development by International Coaches

  • Special GK sessions weekly and annually

  • Access to our unique “European Style” fitness and conditioning program based on periodization training (age Specific) with focus on core

  • Access to our annual College Combine (January 11,12,13, 2019)

  • Access to our March Break US University Tour and Games (mainly D1 Schools)

  • Access to our weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) College Games in the USA

  • Access to our personal coaching contacts

  • Access to all annual trips to play D1, D2, NAIA and NJCAA

  • Access to all apparel opportunities for Rep. and House League programs for cost reduction

  • Media Guide access – printed and e-copy (on line with full links)

  • Player development opportunities

  • NCAA D1 and D2 coaches attending our winter sessions at WWK

  • Coaching Development opportunities and Mentoring Program

  • Access to “Guest” University and Pro Coaches

  • An e-mail and social media platform

  • Web presence and Links

What do I get as a club?

View our club presentation here!

Loyalty Program
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  • $100 Annual Membership Fee per Player (Existing Members)

  • Free House League/Feeder System KITS (2Jerseys -Black Shorts/Socks)

  • Better pricing on Rep/Competitive KIT

  • A great connection to a company that offers great rates on all kinds of insurance like auto, home , business and more.

  • Access to Scholarship Program (showcase, combines, March Break, etc.)

  • Soccer Ball Program with Logos – Club -Academy

  • Player – Coaching Development Opportunities

  • Access to University Combine (Reduced Affiliate Rate)

  • Invitation to Top Showcase events

  • Keep Club – Academy players for summer season

  • Preferred rates on Car Rental – corporate luxury vehicles

  • Preferred rates on selected Hotels

  • Access to “Fund Raising Opportunities”