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Toronto Blizzard Program The Toronto Blizzard Soccer Club runs training programs that are directly tailored to US D1 & D2 schools as wel las Canadian Universities and Colleges. We prepare players to be equal to &/or better than the majority of ECNL Clubs. We run exhibition games and play 8-12, D1 schools annually. We train players at a higher intensity level than normal. Players learn a high level of tactical and physical awareness and are tested on a regular ongoing basis. Our program is specifically geared towards student athletes obtaining scholarship opportunities.


To provide every player in Ontario with a free education, be it in Canada or the US via the most credible soccer programs. One built upon the expertise, passion and discipline of our founding members and operated under competent and caring leadership.


Toronto Blizzard - Historic Meet the Toronto Blizzard, the "father" of Toronto FC. The Forerunners to the Blizzard were the Toronto Metros who joined the NASL in 1971. The Toronto Blizzard were a professional soccer club based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada that played in the North American Soccer League and rostered some of soccer's greatest players. From 1971 - 1975 the Toronto Metros played in the NASL out of Toronto Varsity Stadium. In 1975 the team was purchased for $250,000 by the Toronto Croatia of the National Soccer League (NSL), and the team became known as the Toronto Metros-Croatia. In the next season the club won the 1976 Soccer Bowl championship. Although a successful season they struggled financially. Then the Global Television Network purchased the corporation on February 1, 1979 for $2.6 million. Following the purchase, Toronto Croatia returned to the NSL as a separate club and the team was renamed the Toronto Blizzard. Under the new ownership, attendances doubled and from 1979 to 1983 and the Blizzard played home games at Exhibition Stadium before returning to Varsity Stadium for their final season in 1984.

The team were the runners-up for the league championship in 1983, losing the Soccer Bowl to the Tulsa Roughnecks 2-0 in front of nearly 60, 000 people at Vancouver's BC Place Stadium. They were runners-up again in 1984 when they lost to the Chicago Sting two games to none in a best of three championship series. The club was coached in these final two years by Bobby Houghton, assisted by Dave Turner. The Blizzard qualified for the play-offs on two other occasions, in 1979 and 1982, losing in the first round on both those occasions.

Prominent players included Clyde Best, Željko Bilecki, Jimmy Bone, Roberto Bettega, Drew Busby, David Byrne, Cliff Calvert, Tony Chursky, Pasquale De Luca, David Fairclough, Charlie Falzon, Colin Franks, George Gibbs, Jimmy Greenhoff, Steve Harris-Byrne, Graham Hatley, Paul Hammond, Paul James, Conny Karlsson, Victor Kodelja, Sam Lenarduzzi, Peter Lorimer, Ivan Lukacevic,Trevor McCallum, Colin Miller, Mike McLenaghen, Willie McVie, Alan Merrick, Charlie Mitchell, Juan Carlos Molina, Jan Möller, Francesco Morini, Jimmy Nicholl, Ace Ntsoelengoe, John Paskin, Rob Prentice, Randy Ragan, Neill Roberts, Malcolm Robertson, Peter Roe, Jomo Sono, Derek Spalding, Gordon Sweetzer, Blagoje Tamindžic, Jose Velasquez, Drago Vabec, and Bruce Wilson. Let's not forget the Metros greats like the Black Panther Portuguese footballer Eusebio, Croatian striker Ivan Lukacevic, Ivan Grnja, and Brazilian Ivair Ferreira to name a few. In 2010, the 1976 Soccer Bowl winning team was inducted into the Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame.

Today the Toronto Blizzard organization is back once again like a Phoenix ready to rise from the ashes of the past to e reborn once again to greatness This time the first teams to be created are for the Women's game with plans for the men's side to follow suit shortly. The Toronto Blizzard Team will be looking to start play in the summer of 2017 in League One Ontario soccer. League One is the PROAM (Professional Amateur) development Soccer League of Ontario and is considered the official division 3 soccer in North America. Look for many great things to happen with the Toronto Blizzard organization in the near future.


The Toronto Azzurri Soccer Clubs since its genesis in 1968 has always held it's achievements to the highest standards. From 1968-1976 the Club produced 16 players and Coaches that represented Canada in international competition. We currently have 3 players that have been inducted into the Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame. All of those players are still members and strong contributors to the NEW Toronto Azzurri SC established in 1999.

The Club mandate strives to create sport, educational and cultural programming for our community, This was prominent as we were building our 6,000 sq. ft. Community Clubhouse. However, our roots are in competitive soccer and our entry with the Toronto Blizzard Women's program will launch a new club directive towards higher performance programs.

Participation in League 1 is important as it provides an opportunity for the Toronto Azzurri SC to inspire its current membership to aspire to reach playing in the province's highest League. Our participation in League 1 with the Women's teams will spark new interest and participation in players, coaches, administrators, and sponsors.


Our Staff Are Top Professionals in Soccer. See Below ...

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High Performance Sports Program

Designed to train players to think and play at a rapid pace and high intensity!
Soccer Summer


Soccer Winter Program


Soccer Scholarship


Womens National Team



The program operates separately from the individual club team and helps players and parents to understand the scholarship process of how to go about obtaining a fully funded scholarship from a college or university. Our success speaks for itself.


  • Train intensively together (individually and as a Team)
  • Showcase their talents to US and Canadian colleges and universities with opportunities in Europe
  • Educate the student athlete about the opportunities and realities of pursuing a scholarship and playing at the collegiate level
  • Drive student athletes through a high performance program (which includes physical, nutrition, mental, technical, tactical, Education and Social)
  • Tour colleges and universities to better understand the type of campus/school, size, distance, educational program
  • Provided an understanding of the SAT-ACT testing process and prepare players for testing

Be a part of one of the best Scholarship programs in the province...

Number 1 Scholarship Program

TRYOUTS - one FREE weekend to " see if you have what it takes "
WILD WATER KINGDOM (starts October 27th) - on full field
Fridays - 7:30-9pm
Saturdays - 11-2pm
Sundays - 12:30-2pm

- entrance fee required $3.25 for students Mondays & Wednesdays
6:30-8pm (u12 & younger)
7-9:15pm (u13 & older)
Indoor Program begins October 27th (5 times per week training)

BDA - Blizzard Development Academy
March Break Tour & April - playing vs. 25 - 30 D1 schools. D2 & ECNL Clubs

For more info contact Joe at Email:

BDA Player Registration Form Winter Training 2017-2018

Please fill out the form below for the 2017-2018 Winter training season. Once completed please make payment via PayPal using your credit card or PayPal account. Other payment options are avialable such as Cash, Cheque and ETransfer.

The form will open in a new page for you to complete. Please ensure to make payment via Credit Card, PayPal, eMoney Transfer or Cheque. In order to pay for your registration use the form below, or the one on the registration page.


New Registrants: Plan A - Early Bird: Oct 24
New Registrants: Plan B - Early Bird: Nov 7
Plan C - Payments: (U10 - 2008)
Plan C - Payments: (U11&U12) - (07&06)
Plan C - Payments: (U13+) - (05 &Up)

Please Note: With each winter program registratio nthe following is included. Full winter jacket, vest, track suit and high quality ball with logo (about $400 worth of gear and quality ball).

Toronto Blizzard Jacket by Evolution


Toronto Blizzard Vest by Evolution


Toronto Blizzard Track Suit by Evolution


Toronto Blizzard Ball by Evolution



Summer Registration Fees (included 3% PayPal fee surcharge) - all ages except 10 & under
Option 1- Early Bird: Feb 7
Option 1- Early Bird: Feb 7
Option 3- Payment Plan
Option 4 U10 & Younger

To develop an overal better human being through soccer!

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Dates: October 29th to April 30th The showcase program operates outside of the normal club structure and has team coaches and trainers appointed to oversee the individuals and teams coaches. Players train 5x a week as outlined in the schedule below...

  • Monday
    York U,
    Track & Field Centre
  • Wednesday
    York U,
    Track & Field Centre
  • Friday - Untin Jan 17
    Wild Water Kingdom
  • Saturday
    Wild Water Kingdom
  • Sunday
    Wild Water Kingdom

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    Training Sessions with the underlying fundamental premise being education.
  • Indoors at York U Track & Field Centre
    (Fitness, Conditioning , and core training)
  • Indoor classroom sessions and video sessions @ Toronto Azzuri Club House
  • Training tactics including but not limited to ...
  • technical, tactical, team shape, possession and non- possession phase,
  • mental toughness
  • Syles of play
  • Patterns of play
  • Structure and organization
  • Believeing in each other
  • Confidence in shooting
  • Making proper runs
  • Soccer sense
  • Possesion based
  • When to Man mark
  • Counter Atacking
  • Combination play
  • Individual creativity
  • Playing out of the back
  • and higher level soccer training...
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  • Feb 24,25,26
    PDA Showcase Games
    Boys U10, U14, U16
    Girls U10, U14, U18
  • March Break - US Schools
  • March Break - European Experience and Showcase
    Exhibition Games
  • At various locations within the Greater Toronto Area
  • At Canadian & US schools, ECNL and top club teams
  • Within a 3-10 hr driving radius as US Schools
  • I.e., Michigan, Pittsburg, Ohio, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Massachusetts, Kentucky, etc.
  • March Break (Further Distances/Overseas)
    Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisana,Kentucky, Carolina's

Custom Framed


    (General Guidelines)
  • 3 Months
    - Strength & Power
  • 1.5 Month
    - Explosive Strength
  • 1 Month
    - Speed Endurance
  • 2 Weeks
    - Pure Speed
Ourdoor season begins.
    We FOCUS on CORE,CORE,CORE as well as
  • Flexibility
  • Agility
  • Mobility
The training is age appropriate and we also introduce weight training to Sr players and boys. We include Plyometrics SAQ and Soccer Specific training



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Toronto Blizzard

Contact: Joe Parolini
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